Reiki Healing Centre

John Scott-Cameron. DO, ND, FAO

Master Teacher member of the UK Reiki Federation.

Location: Crowborough, East Sussex, United Kingdom.

Phone: 01892 668768

Mobile: 07831 742341


John Scott-Cameron is a Reiki Master / Healer / Teacher of Reiki. 

The Logo represents the "Tree of Life, the leaves of which are for the healing of the world." and is in triangular form to represent "The Mount of Ascent" so often found in spiritual writings: Moses on Mount Sinai, Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration, Mount Meru and Mount Kailas of the Indian and Tibetan traditions and last but not least in the legend of Dr. Usui receiving the power of healing on Mt. Kurama. This is a reminder to all, that by self-discipline and loving service to all beings, we may climb the mountain and achieve the wholeness of body, mind and spirit symbolized by the surrounding circle.


Due to the accident I experienced in Australia in January 2007 and coronary bypass surgery in 2010 I am effectively retired from physically demanding work.

I am still available for Distance Healing.

Please phone me on 01892 668768 or 07831 742341 for information.


In 1993 Reiki Healing was introduced to Crowborough Clinic of Natural Therapies (Now closed) and a healing room opened. In May 1995 John was initiated as Reiki Master by Isis Livingston at the Shambhala Healing Center in Glastonbury. His primary lineage goes back to Dr. Usui via, Isis Livingston, Judith Tripp Chasin, Jeanine Sande, Arthur Robertson, Iris Ishikuro, Hawayao Takata and Dr. Hayashi. John has also studied Reiki with other masters in order to get a clearer picture of the origins of Reiki. 

The Reiki Principles: first enunciated by the Meiji Emperor, are affirmations which remind us in a simple manner of the best way to live life: Today only: Don't be angry; Don't worry; Be grateful; Work hard; Be kind to others. There are clear connections with "The noble eightfold path" of the Buddha and the "Sermon on the Mount" of the Christ. Dr. Usui suggested that these principles should be spoken out loud three times, morning and evening after a period of meditation.


Reiki Practitioners are trained to give healing to people, animals and situations at locations remote from the healer. The healing is as powerful as it would be if the recipient was actually present with the healer. For more details see Distance Healing


Information about Reiki Masters and Reiki Healers in other areas may be obtained from the Reiki Association whose web site is Also the UK Reiki Federation has a web site at and may be contacted by email at

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